Modern cruise ships are mobile hotel units which provide the opportunity to avoid all the useless movements from one place to the other. They combine pleasure and relaxation and most of all you will wake up every morning in another country and city! 

These last years the profile of the cruise traveler has changed. The myth that cruising is for the “few” and “privileged” is now over. Cruising is now cost – effective and anybody can become a cruise traveler. 

Choices are limitless during the whole year. Hundreds of countries, cities, ports, islands and tourist attractions remain to be explored. Cruise companies have chosen the best travel routes for your journey. 

If you are interested in places near Greece, you can choose for your journey:

  • The historical and cultural mosaic of the Mediterranean -The black sea and the Hellenism of the Black Gold -The Aegean and the coast of Asia Minor
  • From May to September you can visit the capitals of the Baltic area, the unique beauty of the Norwegian Fiords, the British Islands and the North Cape.
  • From November to April the Eastern allurements of the Red Sea, the Emirate of Dubai and the Persian Gulf are waiting for you.
  • The warm seas and the pearl islands of the Caribbean, the Mexican Gulf and Hawaii are accessible throughout the year.
  • From the middle of May to the beginning of September the biggest challenge is Alaska and the glaciers which are considered the last real border. You can “paint” the winter with summer colors in Latin America by crossing the canal of Panama or you can discover again the New Earth in Australia and New Zealand.